Grey Matter

In nature, grey matter is always synonymous with quality and exceptional value. Grey Matter means intelligence, elegance, reliability. These qualities and values are present in plentiful supply in the grey shade of Fiorditufo.

With this product line Fiorditufo is once again able to guarantee the highest chemical/physical values to the construction sector and a personality and level of beauty that far surpasses competing products, as to be left visually exposed with surprising effects.

So, Grey Matter, meaning the ability of making an intelligent, corroborated decision, is now more affordable, provides faster delivery times to prevent down time during work and provides guaranteed results over time.


Achievements in masonry, with bricks and/or natural stones of building and Italian lifestyle. Each area of the peninsula proves the typicality of its materials leaving evidence of the various historical periods of great knowledge, civilization and often art. Now at last, thanks to the Cave Riunite’s work, we return to consider the beauty, but also the quality of natural materials


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